Our esteemed business partners and employees,

Started out as an enamel coated copper wire manufacturer in 1981, Seger has transformed into a world class manufacturer in horns by taking the economic conditions and the requirements of newly developing automotive sector and its sub industry in Turkey at the time into consideration. We’ve been a presence world wide since 1982 in the fields of designing, manufacturing and sales of electric and air horns. The results of our passion for excellence in quality and our quest for continuous betterment manifest in the trust for our products today.This trust is a natural outcome of the standard we’ve achieved with our product and service quality.

SEGER, is one of the worldwide brands today favoured by its quality and technical capabilities as an original part supplier in OEM and a spare part supplier in the Aftermarket. Exporting its products to 65 countries with its own brand, SEGER prides itself in being the first and the only horn manufacturer in Turkey.

The main ingredients leading to this success are our employees and suppliers. As a company, we believe that investing in human resources is as important as investing in company assets. We also believe that the improvement of our employees and suppliers that we work with, in terms of knowledge, capability and resourcefulness, ultimately leads to the satisfaction of our customers in the ever growing global markets.

With the corporate governance principal and the goal of SEGER’s sustainable growth, we are aiming to become the world’s biggest horn manufacturer by increasing our productivity and implementing continuous improvement processes.

We’d like to thank all our employees and business partners for their support and trust. Yours faithful

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