As the number one horn manufacturer of Turkey and a world class Turkish brand, Seger Horns aims high with new market expansions and 30 years of experience.

Seger horns conducts studies in order to deliver the best quality horn to its customers on time with its main production facility in Bursa/Turkey as well as with the 2nd facility which was established in Guangzhou province of China in 2003 and then was moved to a bigger location in Dongguan province in 2010.

Today, Seger Horns has a production capacity of 15 million pcs a year with additional shifts in its 2 factories located in Bursa and Dongguan respectively, as a result of its commitment to production methods and quality that leads to its success of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Seger Horns invests more than 10% of its annual profit to support R&D studies while maintaining production activities and horn design studies in accordance with changing technologies, superior production methods and special requirements.

Due to its assembly lines being improved with the implementation of latest innovations by the efforts of R&D staff, more new customers are expected to be introduced to the Seger quality.

Constantly monitored assembly lines are automatically stopped in the event of a problem which may pose a danger or cause faulty production. The completed horns are sent to the final check point and packed and shipped upon approval.

SIEMENS NX & CATIA programs are used during the design process in Seger Horns where its peculiar horns easily pass many elaborate tests. R&D staff develops processes and existing horn designs with the help of APQP, DOE, DFMEA, PFMEA ve QFD studies in addition to softwares.

Seger Horns makes substantial investment to manufacture its own toolings. Technical drawings generated in R&D department are submitted to tooling workshop to be manufactured in high tech CNC machines.

Lean production method is applied in production processes. KANBAN method is applied for Internal and external components to make timely and sufficient production and to avoid unnecessary stock burden. Productive and efficient KANBAN applications create cost advantage in every stage of the supply chain from supplier to factory. Proper and productive working area is formed with the 5S methods applied in every corner of the factory area.

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