In addition to our central factory in Bursa, we produce and ship horns to the whole world with our factory located in Guangzhou, China .


We manufacture our horns in our factories with pressing, plastic injection and serial assembly operations. Production lines, which are constantly monitored by our expert teams, are automatically stopped in case of any danger or the slightest problem that may cause faulty production. After being produced, our horns pass the final control and the quality approval process and then we carefully pack and transfer them.


We firmly follow all developing production technologies in order to offer the best to our customers all the time.

By closely following the components of Industry 4.0, we have updated our business models and have been constantly monitoring our productivity. Thanks to our ability to design and manufacture horn assembly lines, we are constantly trying to raise the level of automation in our production lines. Thanks to this ability, we have reached an annual production capacity of 15 million with a speed of producing 1 horn every 4 seconds.

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